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TCI started as a regional initiative for 13 states and Washington, DC to craft and implement transportation policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage clean transportation. Currently, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and DC are part of TCI.

In December of 2020, Connecticut committed to leading the way, along with Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and DC. Together they moved beyond the general initiative into a more concrete plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions, ensure polluters pay for their climate pollution, expand clean energy finance and transit, and invest in underserved and overburdened communities. This plan, known as the Transportation and Climate Initiative Program (TCI-P) will invest $300 million per year into our region’s economy, transportation infrastructure, and economically distressed neighborhoods. The Connecticut legislature now has the opportunity to enact this plan by passing Senate Bill 884 An Act Reducing Transportation-Related Carbon Emissions.

TCI-P is a cap-and-invest program: capping transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions and auctioning those allowances to fuel suppliers and wholesalers. The revenues generated would be invested in our transportation system, infrastructure, and communities. As a result, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced, and our communities would benefit.

TCI-P is Connecticut’s best opportunity to reduce emissions from our transportation system while building a better transportation future. This policy would be a win for our environment and state residents in urban, rural, and suburban communities alike.

The Next Step: Passing Legislation to Implement TCI

When the Connecticut General Assembly votes to pass implementing legislation, Connecticut will officially join the TCI-P and implement a cap-and-invest program to increase investments in our state, while reducing our greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. The legislature failed to take this action during regular session, but still can do so in a special session this summer--if we work together to demand action.

Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and the District of Columbia would become leaders on climate policy. The TCI-P is a regional action that would change our world for the better.

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