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Improving Connecticut’s Public Health

Emissions from transportation are linked to asthma and additional health problems. Air pollution is known to cause breathing and developmental problems in children, and potential problems during pregnancy.

TCI would create healthier communities in Connecticut for our children. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health estimate that once fully implemented, TCI would avoid over 300 deaths per year, and prevent thousands of children from having asthma-related problems. Individuals would save money from healthcare expenses as air pollution decreases. TCI would improve the public health of Connecticut for generations to come.

Increasing Economic and Job Opportunities for CT Residents

TCI would modernize our infrastructure and transportation system, while creating jobs for our state’s residents. It includes major investments for adapting our infrastructure so that it can withstand the effects of climate change. Furthermore, TCI would expand access to the internet, and public transportation. TCI will include investments to encourage individuals to purchase electric vehicles, and would create additional bike lanes. In order to build this advanced infrastructure and adapt our infrastructure to climate change, thousands of people would be employed with solid, local, high-paying jobs in design, engineering, and construction.

Investing in Underserved and Overburdened Communities

Our reliance on fossil fuels has caused some communities to be overburdened with environmental pollution—often the communities with the fewest resources to address these problems. TCI would allocate investments to these overburdened communities, so residents can breathe cleaner air. Investments in underserved communities would expand internet and public transportation. In order to ensure these investments are made, each state in TCI must create an Equity and Environmental Advisory Board to provide recommendations and oversight. Connecticut's legislation will ensure this happens by law.

Hear the Benefits: What We Do
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